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Sat - Sun 10 am - 3 pm
Mon - Fri 11 am - 5 pm
Sun - Wed 5 pm - 9:30 pm
Thur - Sat 5 pm - 10 pm 199 Prince Avenue
Athens, Georgia 30601

-Lunch & Dinner-






Mid-E Platter 8.95

(V) A sampling of hummus, falafel, and tabouli served with lemon-tahini dressing, pita points and assorted raw vegetables.


Hummus Side 6.25

(V) A chickpea/tahini dip served with pita points and crunchy veggies.


Loaded Nachos 8.25

A generous serving of corn chips, melted cheese, black bean chili, lettuce, red onions, sour cream, and our homemade salsa.


Chips and Cheese Dip 4.50

(GF) White corn chips with premium cheese dipping sauce.





All of our dressings are Gluten Free (GF) and made right here at The Grit!

(V)lemon-tahini, (V)ranch, (V)vinaigrette, (V)ginger sesame, feta, honey mustard


Soup of the Day cup 3.25 bowl 4.50


Grains & Greens 8.95

(V) Daily selection of organic grains, greens, veggies, and protein. See Specials Board for today’s selection.


Hot Noodle Bowl of the Day 8.95

(V) A revolving roster of Asian-inspired broths and sauces in a huge steaming bowl of noodles with a variety of delicate vegetables and hearty tofu or tempeh. See Specials Board for selection.


Salad of the Day 8.95

A seasonal selection of salad greens and other goodies! See specials board for today’s special salad.


House Salad 8.25

(GF) A mountain of crisp romaine and tender green leaf lettuces, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onion topped with your choice of sauteéd tofu cubes (V) or shredded white cheddar.


Tabouli Side Salad 3.25

(V) Middle Eastern salad featuring the nutty flavor of bulgur, tossed with veggies and spices served on a bed of greens with lemon-tahini dressing.


Petite Salad 3.25

(V) (GF) A side portion of lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.





Your choice of three 8.95 A la carte 3.25

Choose from our fabulous and dynamic variety of vegetable dishes, stews, and casseroles listed daily on the Specials Board.


Also available

(V) (GF) pinto beans

(V) (GF) fruit cup

(V) (GF) petite salad side

(V) tabouli side

(V) two falafel

(V) collard greens

(V) mac-n-cheese

(V) steamed broccoli

(V) sauteéd seasonal greens

(V) tofu cube cup

(V) black bean chili

(V) sweet potato fries

cup of soup





All sandwiches come with fruit and mixed greens garnish. Tasty with sweet potato fries! Substitute cup of soup or sweet potato fries for 1.95


**Available for Soup and Sandwich Mixer


Golden Tofu Wrap 7.50

(V) Grit style tofu cubes and sautéed veggies bundled up in a flour tortilla and toasted to perfection on our flat-top grill with Sriracha mayo.


**Tofu Reuben Sandwich 7.50

Round, marbled rye bread grilled and filled with specialty seasoned tofu, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.


Falafel 7.50

(V) Chickpea fritters in pita bread with veggies, hummus, and your choice of lemon-tahini dressing or tzatziki dressing.


The Seitan Gyro 7.75

(V) First the Greeks, and now the Grit! Zesty Greek-seasoned seitan, sizzled on the grill with roasted red peppers and onion, folded into toasted pita bread with fresh spinach and a creamy cucumber tzatziki.


**Banh Mi 7.75

(V) Traditional Vietnamese hoagie-style sandwich with hoisin-seared seitan; homemade pickled onions, carrots, and daikon; jalapeños, fresh lettuce, and diced cucumber with wasabi-mayo, and topped with fresh cilantro.


**Deluxe Grilled Steak 7.75

Thinly sliced, marinated and grilled seitan ‘steak’ on a toasted hoagie with sauteéd onions, peppers, and mushrooms, topped with melted white cheddar, freshly-cut lettuce and tomatoes, and our special sauce. (V) without cheese.


The Grit B.O.D (Burger of the Day) 7.75

(V) Delectible “Grit Original” burger creations, changing from day to day. Your server will have all the scrumptious details!


**Grilled Cheese Smelt 6.75

Your choice of fresh spinach and/or sliced tomato melted with cheddar cheese and honey mustard dressing on our homemade whole wheat bread. Athens’ biggest and best grilled cheese sandwich.


Soup & Sandwich Mixer 7.25

Half sandwich of your choice with a cup of soup of your choice.





Golden Bowl small 6.25 large 7.25

(V) Browned tofu cubes sauteéd with soy sauce and nutritional yeast, served over brown rice.

Add cheese 1.25 Add veggies .95


The Grit Staple small 4.75 large 5.75

(GF) A complete protein of pinto beans, brown rice, melted cheese, and onions. (V) without cheese.

Add assorted veggies .95

Substitute black bean chili for pinto beans .50


Black Bean Chili small 4.95 large 5.95

Our popular house recipe with black beans, bulgur, veggies, and assorted, zesty spices, topped with a dollop of sour cream and diced red onion. (V) without sour cream.

Great with a side of cornbread! 1.95


Mid-E Platter 8.95

(V) A sampling of hummus, falafel, and tabouli served with lemon-tahini dressing, pita points, and assorted raw vegetables.


Mondo Burrito 7.95

A large, open-faced burrito layered with brown rice, black bean chili, veggies, cheese and homemade salsa. (V) without cheese.


Deluxe Quesadillas

A large flour tortilla with your choice of fillings, served with chips, salsa, and sour cream. (V) without cheese and sour cream.

• Steak with sauteed veggies, jalapenos, and cheese 7.50

• Spinach creation and cheese 7.25

• Crunchy vegetables and cheese 6.75

• Cheese and onion 5.95

• Add black bean chili to any quesadilla 1.50

• Add tofu 1.95


Loaded Nachos 8.25

Corn tortilla chips, melted cheddar cheese, black bean chili, lettuce, red onions, tangy salsa, and sour cream. It’s big!





(V) Yeast gravy 1.95

Cornbread 1.95

Homemade bread 1.25

Homemade garlic toast 1.25

Homemade cheese toast 2.25

(V) Pita bread 1.25

(V) Tofu cubes 3.25

(V) 2 Falafel 3.25

(V) Sweet potato fries 3.25

(V) Hummus 3.25


(GF) (V) Corn chips 1.25

(GF) (V) Sides of salsa 1.95

(GF) Premium cheese dip 2.95

(GF) (V) Brown rice 1.50

(GF) White cheddar 1.25

(GF) Sour cream .95

(GF) Extra dressing .95

(GF) Tomatoes .95

(GF) Jalapenos .95

(GF) (V) Chips and salsa 3.50



KID’S MEALS 12 and under, please.


Plain Smelt Grilled Cheese 4.50

Mac ‘n’ Cheese 3.25

(V) Tofu Cube Cup 3.25

(GF) Cheese Nachos 4.95

(V) Kid’s Sliders (2) 4.50

(V) Steamed Broccoli 3.25

(GF) Fruit Cup 3.25

(V) Sweet Potato Fries 3.25






Iced Tea 1.95

Vanilla Iced Coffee 2.50

Lemonade 1.95

Arnold Palmer 1.95

Apple Juice 1.95

Soft Drinks 1.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale

I.B.C. Root Beer 2.50

Sioux City Cream Soda 2.50

Perrier, Orangina 1.95

Blenheim Ginger Ale 2.50

San Pellegrino 2.50

limonata, aranciata,

pompelo, aranciata rosa

Orange Juice sm 2.25 lg 3.25

Regular Milk sm 1.25 lg 2.25

Soy Milk sm 1.75 lg 2.75

Almond Milk sm 1.75 lg 2.75

Spring Water .95



Coffee (regular or decaf) 2.25

Tea (black or herbal) 1.95

Espresso 2.25

Double Espresso 2.75

Americano 2.25

Cappucino 3.25

Double Cappucino 3.75

Latte 3.95

Double Latte 4.50

Hot Chocolate 2.25

Sub Soy Milk or Almond milk .50





Ask your server about our daily Gluten Free dessert specials. Please see our display case for today’s selections of desserts made from scratch here at The Grit.


Cake 4.75 //  (V) (GF) Gluten-free 5.50

Pie 4.25 //  (V) (GF) Gluten-free 5.50

Blonde brownie 2.95

Cookies .95

Root beer or Coke float 3.50

Ice cream a la mode 1.75

(V) (GF) Homemade vegan ice cream 2.25





The dessert case is changing constantly, and there are always vegan and gluten free options. it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door, so feel free to take a long look and pick out your dessert before you’re seated.

( ♥ hearts indicate that there’s a vegan option. sun’s for seasonal, so check for availability)


Here are some of our more commonly available cakes and pies by flavor:




Tuxedo-dark chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.♥

Vegan Chocolate Death: vegan chocolate cake with vegan chocolate ganache icing.♥


Lil Jim’s Pudding Cake: dark chocolate cake with vanilla pastry cream between layers, iced with sweetened whipped cream and decorated with chocolate chips


Chocolate Malted: dark chocolate cake marinated with malt and brandied syrup and iceed with a chocolate malted cream cheese frosting


Peanut Butter Chocolate- dark chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting in between layers and on top, and surrounded by chocolate ganache.♥


Choco-Coconut-  dark chocolate cake iced with cream cheese frosting and covered with toasted coconut.♥


German Chocolate- dark chocolate cake with classic german chocolate icing (pecan and coconut)


Grasshopper- dark chocolate cake with minty green cream cheese icing and speckled with chocolate chips♥


Mocha Cream Cake: dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache between layers and mocha flavored whipped cream. Decorated with chocolate chips.♥


Apricot Fudge Fantasia- dark chocolate cake iced with chocolate ganache and topped with sweet apricot preserves.♥


Chocolate Swip-Swap- dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip cream cheese frosting inside and iced with chocolate cream cheese frosting and white chocolate chips.


Black Forest- dark chocolate cake filled with brandied soaked cherries, iced with whipped cream, and topped with more cherries.♥





Vanilla Malted- yellow cake with vanilla malted marinade and iced with a vanilla malted cream cheese frosting.


Orange Creamsicle- yellow cake filled with orange/brandy flavored cream and iced with an orange flavored cream cheese frosting.♥


Amaretto Cocktail- yellow cake with a sweet amaretto marinade iced with sweetened whipped cream and decorated with a ring of maraschino cherries.♥

Mocha Bianco- yellow cake iced with a mocha and white chocolate flavored cream cheese frosting.


Big Mama Blue- yellow cake filled with blueberries and vanilla pastry cream and iced with a blue cream cheese frosting.


White Light- yellow cake with butter cream frosting♥


Birthday Cake- yellow cake with chocolate ganache icing and rainbow sprinkles.♥





Brown Sugar Caramel- caramel cake with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.


Caramel Mocha- caramel cake with mocha flavored whipped cream


Caramel Kahlua- caramel cake marinated with sweet Kahlua syrup and iced with butter cream frosting, and Kahlua flavored frosting.


Caramel Pecan- caramel cake with a pecan butter cream frosting.


Chocolate Covered Caramel- caramel cake iced with chocolate ganache and drizzled with rich caramel topping.





Carrot- our version of the classic recipe with dried cranberries, and walnuts. Iced with cream cheese frosting.♥


Vegan Carrot- this version contains shredded coconut and crushed pineapple!


Hummingbird- a southern classic. Banana, pineapple, and pecan spice cake, iced with cream cheese frosting and decorated with toasted pecans.☼


Red Velvet- a traditional red velvet cake iced with cream cheese frosting and decorated with toasted pecans.


Coconut Cream-  coconut layers with a hint of almond extract, filled with vanilla pastry cream, iced with sweetened whipped cream and covered in shredded coconut. ☼


Gingerbread- a spiced molasses cake iced with cream cheese frosting, and decorated with candied fruit. ☼

Orange Spice-  just like it sounds. Orange flavored spice cake, iced with brown sugar butter cream frosting, and decorated with candied pecans and fruit.☼♥


Drunken Banana- a banana bread type cake marinated in a sweet rum syrup, filled with vanilla pastry cream, and iced with rum infused sweetened whipped cream. Sprinkled with cinnamon.☼


Pumpkin- a pumpkin flavored cake filled with cream cheese frosting, and iced with a thick pecan frosting. Think German chocolate frosting without the coconut. ☼


Lemon Poppyseed- lemon zested and poppy seed speckled yellow layers, iced with a lemony butter cream frosting, and decorated with either yellow piping or a sprinkle of poppy seeds, or both! ♥☼



You can build your own Grit Cake!




Chocolate   Gingerbread☼

Yellow    Vegan Spiced Zucchini☼

Vegan Yellow    Carrot

Caranel   Vegan Carrot

Hummingbird☼  Coconut☼

Pumpkin☼   Vegan Orange Spice☼

Red Velvet   Banana ☼




Cream Cheese Frosting  Whipped Cream

Ganache    Buttercream

Vegan Ganache   Vegan Buttercream

German Chocolate   Pecan


Flavor additives: chocolate, mocha, raspberry, lemon, orange, brown sugar, peppermint, almond.


199 Prince Avenue Athens, Georgia 30601